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Open, flexible, data-centric.

Expectations of buildings today have changed. They must become more sustainable, hyper-efficient, resilient, and people-centric. If your building management system (BMS) is not future-ready, you’re missing out on advances in technology and IoT-enabled devices that make it possible to meet sustainability targets, lower operating costs, enhance occupant experience, improve productivity, and increase building value.

Open, flexible, data-centric. Go beyond traditional building management system functionality to create smart, future-ready buildings with EcoStruxure Building Operation. Part of the EcoStruxure Building integrated smart building platform; this open, flexible, data-centric solution provides a single control center to monitor, manage and optimize all types of buildings

SpaceLogic (formerly SmartX) AS-P system controller performs key functionality: control logic, trend logging & alarm supervision, and supports communication & connectivity to I/O & field buses. EcoStruxure BMS’s distributed intelligence helps ensure tolerance against faults and provides a robust user interface. In small installations, the embedded AS-P acts as a standalone server with I/O modules. In medium/large installations, functionality is distributed over multiple units via TCP/IP.

SpaceLogic RP-C Controller (formerly known as SmartX IP Controller — RP-C) is a modular, freely programmable BACnet/IP room controller that helps create smart buildings. It features an extensible architecture for HVAC control that can extend to additional room control


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The heart of the system

EcoStruxure Building Operation software is the heart of our renowned building management system, With an open integration platform, it securely facilitates the exchange of data from both Schneider Electric and third-party energy, lighting, HVAC, fire & security, and IWMSs as well as electric vehicle (EV) charging and renewable energy sources to create future-ready smart buildings, This powerful yet easy-to-use software is packed with a variety of features for desktop and mobile settings

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Maximize Efficiency of building.
  • Optimize comfort & productivity of occupants.
  • Increase value of building.

YES, ECOSTRUXURE is an open protocol software and support, BACnet, Modbus slave & server, MQTT, LonWorks Interface, SNMP, EWS (web service), Smart connector.

Automotive & eMobility – Cloud & Service provider – Commercial Real State – Data Center & Network – Food – Healthcare – Hotels – Water & Wastewater

YES, The SmartX IP controller can natively communicate with BACnet/IP networks, The SmartX IP controller conforms to the BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) device profile.

Please refer below to check the Software and Hardware requirement for Enterprise Server.

If the external binding is used for data sharing, the data sharing between SmartX IP controller device will continue even if the SmartX server (Automation Server or Enterprise Server) is offline.