BMS & Full control on 13 AHUs & 35 Room, Monitoring for Temperature and Relative humidity and differential pressure and motorize damper control to make automatic adjustment for differential pressure between rooms as positive pressure or negative pressure according to design concept to maintain the direction of flow, also we made full control on air handling units on temperature, humidity, flow and pressure

Project Details

As Requirements of GxP it is mandatory to Monitor clean rooms with compliance of standards CFR21 part11 & GAMP4, charts, trends, history, Data integrity, backup integrity, security levels, audit trails and other feature are already implemented in ME VAC BMS project with Schneider software & components ,
BMS Validation also was from our scope in this project starting from D.Q. (design qualification) & I.Q. (installation Qualification) and P.Q. (Performance Qualification as per standard WHO, CFR21 part11, GAMP5