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Become Aware, Improve, Track result, Maintain & improve.


Companies spend more than $450 B on energy and sustainability programs but up to 48% have no strategic plan. Find out how to take advantage of opportunities to become more efficient and save money.

Measure energy costs using standalone
metering (e.g. BCPM, iEM3000, PM5000,
PM8000, ION9000) or embedded metering (e.g. Compact NSX, Masterpact MTZ, etc.)

Benchmark energy usage with respect to other buildings / plants / process lines
• Multi-site visualization enables benchmarking across multiple sites from a centralized location
• Compare energy usage by normalizing
consumption with respect to area / production volume or other drivers
• Gain understanding what makes
an energy efficient facility use less
energy than an inefficient facility

Schneider PME Products

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Save money by reducing energy spend

Many different tools and strategies are available to help with identifying energy savings opportunities,The first step in energy reduction is to develop awareness: gaining a basic understanding of the challenge and beginning the journey of improving the energy efficiency in your facility, Now you can begin to make improvements, Once you’ve made the improvements, you can track your improved performance, verify those improvements have economic
returns, and report savings.

PME System

Schneider Platform Software

Future Energy Demand

1 %
Energy consumed by building
1 %
Level of Energy increase
1 %
Expected uptime of buildings


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Maximize Efficiency of building.
  • Optimize comfort & productivity of occupants.
  • Increase value of building.

YES, ECOSTRUXURE is an open protocol software and support, BACnet, Modbus slave & server, MQTT, LonWorks Interface, SNMP, EWS (web service), Smart connector.

Automotive & eMobility – Cloud & Service provider – Commercial Real State – Data Center & Network – Food – Healthcare – Hotels – Water & Wastewater

YES, The SmartX IP controller can natively communicate with BACnet/IP networks, The SmartX IP controller conforms to the BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) device profile.

Please refer below to check the Software and Hardware requirement for Enterprise Server.

If the external binding is used for data sharing, the data sharing between SmartX IP controller device will continue even if the SmartX server (Automation Server or Enterprise Server) is offline.